18k palladium white gold diamond set

18k white gold set, brushed finish

the color achieved by alloying 18k white gold with palladium is so hard to describe, but this photo really seems to capture the color and depth of the metal.
this necklace, ring and bangle bracelet are an early set that i made when i was just learning to forge and shape new alloys.
nowadays, i like to play "metalsmithing snob" and refuse to work in any other white gold alloy.
regular 18k white gold uses nickel as a bleaching agent, as gold is really yellow and needs a whitener. many people are seriously allergic to nickel. it is curious to note that EU has laws that govern the use of nickel in jewellery sold in Europe.
regular white gold is a pain in the ass to forge. it fire cracks when you heat it, quench cracks when you cool and stress cracks when you hammer it.
not fun.
palladium however, is lovely and malleable, white and tarnish resistant. it does work harden faster, but since it is not inclined to fire, quench or stress crack, i consider this an advantage.
i hammer my metal to be solid and dense, no stress fractures please.
finally, this alloy needs no pesty rhodium plating. what you see is what you get, lovely deep white gold color. and no nickel rash.

oh and yes, this necklace, bangle and ring went to one very lucky girl.