bronze peace sign, eighth wedding anniversary

i seem to be having a renewed love affair with bronze…
well okay, it has been a few weeks, but i am just getting around to writing about it all.
sooo, a few weeks ago i spent the most beautiful afternoon in the studio, forging a large (nickel size) bronze peace sign pendant for a man to give his wife on their eighth wedding anniversary.
bronze is the traditional gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.  how many of you knew that, huh?
so romantic, i love that stuff…
and bronze.  what a fabulous metal to forge.
so ductile (copper is a main component of bronze), it formed beautifully and held the hammer marks so well, imparting such a buttery finish.
14k gold solder seems to be a great match and on black rawhide, dare i say, a fabulous peace!
the first time i learned to work the hydraulic power hammer, i made a ladle out of a hunk of navel bronze.
well i made a few ladles before i actually made a pretty one, but i have one that hangs in my kitchen and the tarnish on it is so rich.  i am really curious to hear how this peace pendant tarnishes.
the price point of bronze makes this a fantastic alternative to gold.
as i said, i don’t know how it will tarnish, but if you are really digging the large gold peace sign, but aren’t digging the price of gold, consider bronze.
i bought a bunch of it (have grand aspirations to make myself some new hairsticks!) and am just aching for another excuse to spend an afternoon forging this fabulous metal!
autumn is well on it’s way here, the air, the light…so insanely inspiring!
be so well and happy,
p.s.  sorry no photo of this bronze peace, it was a rush order and within minutes of being finished, it was in the overnight post!