can anyone suggest a good animal non-profit org. in the gulf?

so far it seems that the best organization to send money to for my fundraising campaign is the Humane Society of the US.

one can send money whilst specifying that it is to go towards helping people impoverished by katrina and our lovely british petroleum (i will never capitalize their name!), feed their pets.

if anyone knows of another org. that is helping to distribute food and low cost/free veterinary, PLEASE let me know asap so that i can investigate.

having had our own non-profit in san diego, i can only imagine how much it would mean to a small grass roots organization, toughing it out in the south right now and saving the lives of pets, otherwise bound for the (high kill) shelters.

thanks everyone, your response is great and i am so excited at the prospect of helping out, if only a wee bit!