distracted by gold & platinum

yesterday was ash wednesday.

for me it was smoke wednesday.
absolutelypositivelyhorrible smoke from oven cleaning with chicken still within– I swear I had taken the chicken (made for animals in a.m) out of the stove…. well, I hadn’t.

I was so preoccupied thinking about this new platinum and gold pendant that I am creating for a really wonderful loyal client that I guess I wasn’t thinking about the logistics of oven cleaning. this photo shows the platinum which I had been forging round that morning, the bits of gold (to be milled into wire for wrapping around the plat) and the platinum bezel which I also formed that morning.

platinum and gold in progress on the bench

once again, I promised to work gold over platinum and once again, I broke my promise, never to attempt this again! but here I am, with the same wonderful client, promising to make him what has been milling about in his head… a gift to present to his wife when she gives birth to their first child. this is the engagement ring that I created for him to propose to her with, quite a few years ago.)

so i stand here and thank all the gods that we are all so healthy and strong and able to have withstood all that smoke.
all 9 of us :) I believe that because my animals all eat so well, they weren’t really bothered.

truth be told, I’ve never used an oven’s self cleaner function, so left the house with kids for four hours just to be safe.
returned to lots of super nasty smoke. super mega nasty horrible chemical smelling smoke.

I sprayed vinegar everywhere, had kids and animals outside… left the next afternoon and ozonation has begun to get rid of the smell without chemicals– hope it works!

and this morning, I awoke with a stye on my lower eyelids. been tearing from the smoke, and by this afternoon, it was really painful, felt like a pebble/eyelash in my eye.

googled, read, & finally trieda little baby shampoo on q-tip, swab stye, and it was all gone in seconds!!!

baby shampoo, wouldn’t put it on my babies, but so thankful for that suggestion, (who would’ve thunk?!?) so I thought it worthy to share.

some new (really useful!) witchy wisdom from a slightly shaken smith who is really aching to get back to that ingot of platinum on her bench……