forged platinum diamond anniversary band

platinum ringusing the metal from her mother’s original engagement band, i just finished working on a forged platinum diamond anniversary band for a woman who is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary.

reusing materials allows you to continue cherishing them instead of hiding them in the back of your drawer. her mother gave theresa the platinum ring and setting from her original engagement band, 50 plus years ago.

the notion of marrying the platinum from her parent’s 50 plus marriage and the platinum her husband purchased to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, forging them together, creating a heavy platinum band that will endure the ages, so sexy, yes?

her mum also had two little diamond stud earrings. theresa’s husband purchased three diamonds, one each for their son, daughter and himself.

these five diamonds, set deep into the band
will wear with theresa forever.
mark my words, a good solid hand forged band.

setting the diamonds deep allows for the platinum to be pounded
ground and worn, keeping the diamonds safely inset.
theresa gardens and we aspire to a shared apiary….bees,
a little rough on her hands, she is.

twenty years.

that is beautiful in these times.
and so is the notion of recycling, especially when your material is…
platinum, gold and silver.

so about that old ring, hanging about in an old jewelry box,
the earring that lost it’s mate, the chain that broke:

let’s melt that baby down and morph your metal into
something beautiful, something special
that will live out in the light,
rather than in that old box, somewhere behind your socks…