here’s to hearts…& cute EMS guys in an icestorm

this sunday we awoke to a freezing cold house. seems the boiler decide to flip itself off in the middle of the night and to top it off, we were having a rather wicked ice storm. so all 9 of us (2 and 4 leggeds) cuddled in bed while my husband contacted the boiler technician.when I finally rose out of our cozy nest, I thought to myself, damn, I must have pulled a muscle in my back, intense searing pain that literally took my breath away. next thing I knew, I felt myself passing out. apparently I did, eyes rolling back in my head, unresponsive as john slapped my face (you slapped me?!?) all that lovely stuff.

when I came too I heard my son saying, the ambulance is outside daddy…seems they called 911. needless to say, mommy fainting is not a regular occurrence and it scared them all.

when it was over and I was cozy and warm (boiler repaired, EMS men gone) I was filled with such a powerful feeling of love and thanks for my family (they totally dealt, scared as they were) for my lovely safe, warm home, for my friends who checked in on me (one sent a message saying “i was just thinking of you this morning, is everything good?”) and I decided that it was time to forge those little heart trinkets that I have been thinking about for so long. with Valentine’s day fast approaching, what better time…here is the ever so unglamorous photo of the sterling silver ingots being forged. I promise they will look much prettier by tomorrow!

silver ingots ready to roll
silver ingots ready to roll

in 11 days I will turn 46. as a cancer survivor, every birthday is a gift…after that little unexplained episode on sunday morning, I am reminded once again how precious life really is, how powerful and strong love is and how important it is to share that love.

so here is to hearts…and cute EMS guys in an ice storm :)