sexy lil’ zodiac pendants

symbols have always fascinated me. alchemical, scientific, iconic or archtypal, from the simplest to the most complex, glyphs captivate me with their primal expression of a force. metalsmiths are weird, we really do play with fire… and i just love books of alchemical glyphs. for really great dreams, read alchemy before bed…

and with celebration after months of playing with silver shapes and fire, my zodiac pendants have made their debut. i am really proud. they are simple, sexy expressions of self, our sun sign, our moon sign, his sign, her sign…

wearing my kids' zodiac sign, the virgo pendant

in this picture i am wearing my babies sign with my diamond from John. hunter and logan are both virgos. so far, the virgo zodiac (glyph!) has been my favorite to forge, the most complicated and heaviest weight in gold, but really fun to shape with the hammer. my sign, aquarius, has been a bitch to forge. going to give it another go at the end of this week. wish me well.

the zodiac pendants, (charms) are featured in the “trinket” section of my new site, artfully designed by john, alongside the peace signs, ohm pendants and wishbones. trinket is the word that always comes to mind when i think of the spirit in which i forge my zodiacs, peace signs, ohm symbols. simple, elegant expressions of energy.

and i think they are pretty sexy on a piece of rawhide with a tan :)