yellow gold ring with rolling white gold diamond band

yellow and white gold rolling rings

a rather challenging ring to fabricate! the base is a yellow gold, forged concave band. a forged white gold band, studded with diamonds, rolls atop the yellow gold band.

my client, a most lovely woman with a real eye for design, had been looking for a jeweler to realize her vision. apparently, many a jeweler had turned her away! indeed, this was a challenging commission, but in the end, a most satisfying one.

white gold anniversary ring

white gold fancy sapphire anniversary band

white gold anniversary ring

we chose fancy sapphires to celebrate ten years of marriage and because her engagement ring is a beautiful blue sapphire.

such cheery happy stones for an anniversary band.

she wanted a ring that was a bit easier to wear than her original prong set stone. flush set stones are much more practical, easier to wear throughout our days, hands in the dirt, on the steel…

encounter quite a few practical ones these days :)

message from Semira

I received this lovely message about the graduation-gift custom ring I made and wrote about here a few weeks ago. Semira (the lucky graduate!) wrote this on my old blogspot jewelry blog, so I didn’t see it until just this week.

here’s the picture we posted of the ring before:

custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting
custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting

here’s what Samira had to say:

As I look down at my hand while doing ordinary things we all do every day, I see a piece of joy. This joy is my custom ring. It is flawless, flashy, and unique. The ring I imagined in my head but finer. THANKS HEATHER

thanks, Semira! its my pleasure

18k white gold ring

I had a lovely holiday visit this morning from one of my first custom jewelry | engagement ring clients here in San Diego, who brought his daughter to pick up her new 18k white gold ring, custom made to celebrate her high school graduation this spring!

custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting
custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting

Custom jewelry can be a great graduation gift –imagine getting to design a keepsake | heirloom yourself (at least with a jeweller like me!) at a time of life when you’re designing so much else for yourself and your future… great gift, Dad!