24 karat warmth

the 31st of january is my birthday,
i want sunshine and i want warmth
chances are, i am not getting it….
so i bought myself the warmest gift i could think of
and thought i would share for valentine’s day
working gold in the studio
a wee hunk of pure, stunningly bright
24k yellow gold (ethically mined)
ever so rich and warm

’twas thinking of taking my little ingot and forging
7 hearts for valentine’s day

solid bright warm 24k yellow gold hearts
hand forged buttery smooth
a wee hole pierces the center
for a delicate gold chain, perhaps a ribbon of lace
a simple piece of natural leather rawhide
we discuss…

i may layer my heart on a platinum chain
with another trinket
a warmth amulet, if you will

if you have never seen pure 24 karat yellow gold,
the rich, warm color is absolutely stunning
feels like pure gold butter
it is lovely and soft, i may wear mine on a silk ribbon…

24k yellow gold will be my sunshine
and perhaps it may be for your valentine

i will post photos of my little ingot
when it hits my anvil and update
the progress of the hearts for valentine’s

for my birthday,
whilst i dream of diving
with the whales in cabo san lucas
may i request a superbowl win

lucky stairway to seven
with love from
go steelers!!!