The Howard Stern Show

so this past monday, i take the early early train into the city to go pick up our second rescue kitten from my dear friend, beth ostrosky stern. beth wanted me to get our kitten asap (so as not to miss out on her incredible little baby-ness) and meeting her at sirius radio station around the end of howard’s show made the most sense for our schedules.

now mind you, cold rainy monday morning, leave house at 5 am… wearing jeans and t-shirt…going to pick up a kitten. there was no mention of cameras, no mention of interviews, and certainly no mention of BEING ON THE AIR, live radio…

at least i had lip gloss in my bag, because well you know, you have to look good on radio :)…

but seriously, my impromptu radio spot aside, after the show I had the most special, very emotional moment with howard’s lovely co host, robin quivers. just back in the studio after a year plus long battle with cancer, I forged her one of my ribbon pendants and had the opportunity to give it to her after the show. as a seven year cancer survivor myself, this was, shall we say… emotional?

uh yes. and beautiful. there is a connection that survivors have that is beyond words.

and..robin wears one of my diamond gold wishbones that beth and howard gave her two xmas’ ago…and she happened to be wearing it monday morning. this made me so happy. here is the pic of robin holding our new little baby, sweet pea (aka selena beth).
robin wishbone selena

robin is also wearing her diamond gold wishbone on the cover of her newly released book, “the vegucation of robin”.

so needless to say, I am a very happy, very grateful mom, with two more mouths to feed and a full and happy heart.
oh and the part about being on the radio?

while chatting with beth in the green room, i hear howard on the air yelling “hey is heather still here? she doesn’t have television, get heather in here!” so in I go to discuss the pros and cons of television. with howard and robin. on the air.

i am still laughing :)

What’s my Dodo

I am completely in love with a line of Italian jewelry and I simply must share with you.

Dodo is a line of animal pendants from the esteemed Milanese jewelry house, Pomellato. Named for the funny, furry bird, made extinct thanks to the Dutch settlers on Mauritius years ago, Dodo is a whimsical line of pendants and charms (with some ever so affordable gemstone rings) designed to speak to your inner animal.

And we all have one :)

my dodos!

I think animals represent the purest connection to spirit, the connection we strive to reach, the connection to the earth. Animal totems speak to our archetypes and connecting with our archetypes allows us to better understand and express ourselves (yes, I have been reading Joseph Campbell again…).

Dodo has captured this essence and the result is a most whimsical, yet solid collection of pendants and charms.
As quoted from the Dodo site, “The Dodo pendants are a happy company of animals who speak the language of feelings and emotions. Each Dodo reveals a little bit of who we are and what we want to say. It’s a gift that can speak for us if we are a little bit shy…”

Each Dodo comes with a little message about your animal. I love that.

And making Dodo even cooler is that they donate a portion of their sales to benefit the WWF Italia.

Seriously, how perfect is this for me?

So what animal will be my first Dodo?

The wolf. Debuting this spring (with the lamb), I knew as soon as i saw…

I have not yet decided if my wolf will be worn on their beautifully finished black rawhide, or on a hefty chain bracelet.
Either way, will look absolutely sublime with my heavy forged pieces.

Happy Spring everyone,

It really is here!

be green,


money to help people keep their pets…

i can’t stand this anymore.

here i sit at my computer with my four legged children sleeping at my feet (figo is on my lap and simon is next to the computer) and in the midst of all these petitions i am signing, i am reading about people in the south eastern usa, so devasted by katrina and now by this grotesque spewing of oil into the gulf, the source of their livelihood demolished along with their homes. they can barely provide for themselves and their families, so what happens to their four legged babies?!?

they are being taken to the local shelters to be euthanized.

if ever in my life i have thought i had it hard, i have never ever had to consider relinquishing my animals. the thought makes it hard to even write.

sooo, why share all this with you?

because i want to do something. something more than just sign these petitions…

and as i was weeping to john, wallowing in my feelings of helplessness, he reminded me that i can do something. i can make jewellery and jewellery makes money. so find an organization that can help and then raise money to send to this org.

he is so brilliant and i love him so :)

as soon as he says this, i read a blog post from the humane society of the us. they have just collaborated with another group to send tons of pet food to some of the areas hardest hit by katrina and the gulf spill.

i am going to do some more research and then make a proposal to all of you.

if you are thinking about a piece of jewelry, be it a little peace sign or a large custom creation, i will send a portion of the sale to such a rescue group in the month of july.

still have to do some research, but thought here was the best place to get the ball rolling.

i will keep you posted.

be so well

(and say a prayer for the international whaling commission, meeting today in morocco to decide the fate of the barbaric practice of whaling).