white gold anniversary ring

white gold fancy sapphire anniversary band

white gold anniversary ring

we chose fancy sapphires to celebrate ten years of marriage and because her engagement ring is a beautiful blue sapphire.

such cheery happy stones for an anniversary band.

she wanted a ring that was a bit easier to wear than her original prong set stone. flush set stones are much more practical, easier to wear throughout our days, hands in the dirt, on the steel…

encounter quite a few practical ones these days :)

14k gold engagement ring

14k gold engagement ring with sapphireI love this ring– its always so nice to see engagement & wedding ring clients a few years later, and the rings, too.

I made this ring in 2004 before I went to study jewelry in Italy, and just saw it again for a little clean-up while I made them an anniversary ring to go with it!

Here’s the original white gold ring with a central sapphire flanked by little diamonds.

 yellow gold ring with diamonds

and here’s the 5 year anniversary ring in yellow gold with three white diamonds.