two stray diamonds for a dusty blacksmith

last night i found two stray diamonds in my jewel tray. funny enough, I had sat down at the bench to make a few improvements to the large forged bangle I have been wearing for years. The bangle, while lovely in its heftiness, was actually just some cutoff scrap, left over from forging a baby spoon years ago.

I had never finished off the ends of the bangle and have always been a bit embarrassed to show it to people (felt a bit like the cobbler who has no shoes)…so imagine my delight when I found that these two diamonds (each approximately .40 ct) fit perfectly in the ends of my hand forged sterling bangle.

i took this photograph with my phone, minutes before boarding a flight to jfk. i say this to convey my new dedication to sharing my work via my blog, facebook (join my facebook fan page here) and to follow me on twitter.

those of you who know me know that such technology does not come easily to me, in the past i would have rather nailed my eyelids to the wall than go through the steps required to photograph my new work and post it online. but times are a changing; the kids will be in school in september and i feel that i am morphing out of baby mode and into a whole new phase of my life. quite exciting actually.

and here is my big news… we are moving to redding, connecticut closer to my family and my beloved city (nyc). a healthy, happy move into a lovely home with a fabulous work studio for me. bright, airy, sunny and best of all, quite perfect for a 250lb anvil and a dusty old blacksmith’s forge.

platinum and steel are such a sexy combination :)

be so well and enjoy august!


forged iron rose wedding present

all time favorite piece.


hand forged steel rose

forging flowers, many trials before realizing anything remotely worthy of mother nature’s glory…
this one i felt. it forged itself.

i formed petals one upon another with pliers that i have torched and tweaked, made a small peen hammer to etch the petals, forge welded ever so gently the stem, forge welding is good for the soul i tell you…
this is me, the root of your jewelry commission.

a wedding present, given in spain by us.

i learned to forge foliage from dorothy stiegler, thanks to a scholarship from the American Blacksmith’s Association of North America. what can i say? she is a goddess and i hope to forge under her instruction again someday.

handforged iron gate

often i am asked how i came to make jewelry… and what do i do with that 250lb anvil in my entryway!

well in ’96, i had the very good fortune to apprentice with artist blacksmith angelo garro. truly a master, check out his site, beyond stunning work. having very little experience (read, none) i had to beg angelo to take me on (he later to confessed that it was only because he thought i was cute).

we forged all morning, a gorgeous fig tree gracing the half open air smithy. i learned masses from angelo and later, receiving a scholarship from ABANA (american blacksmiths association of north america) i had the amazing fortune of studying iron foliage with dorothy stiegler.

all of these incredible learning experiences came together in this handforged steel gate I created with John for a couple in Ramona. Interwoven with grape vines handforged from solid stock and adorned with grape leaves in Dorothy’s style, this was one of the few full blown iron projects I did on my own before turning my full attention back to jewelry in 2002.

the leaves and vines that wind through this door and gate are based on a cabernet grape motif etched on glass doors of the wine cellar in this beautiful home, which thankfully the home and gate survived the devastating witch creek fires that ravaged san diego in 2007.