custom jewelry testimonial

this simple custom pendant design was a huge hit with the woman it was commissioned for, reflecting very well indeed on her man who commissioned the piece from me! scroll down to read his sweet email to me after he presented her with this thoughtful gift of custom jewelry.


She loves it! loves the weight of it, the design,the length, everything….

… I presented her with the ingot and chain you made and the response was extraordinary and surpassed all my expectations.

Heather, you truly captured the essence of what I was trying to say with this gesture, to say nothing of the craftsmanship and beauty of the piece in and of itself.

To me that is an example of the difference between an artist and some one who is good at crafting jewelry you are truly an artist and I believe the result was a product of my just getting out of the way and letting you create once my desire and some background information was conveyed.

Thank you so much and congratulations on a job done so very well!

-Glenn Prickett

wedding rings: client testimonial

I received this beautiful message from my most recent custom wedding ring client– so beautiful I have to share with you here. (this is the seven-diamond wedding ring I posted pictures of here last week)

hand forged white gold wedding ring with seven diamonds

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much for putting so much love, time and hard work into our wedding rings. They are absolutely beautiful.

I love everything about the brown diamonds, they look amazing set in the yellow gold, and I love how the light reflects through them. I know all of that is down to your craft.

You really are a talent, and everyone has been commenting on how gorgeous it is.

Lots of love,