jewelry blog updates– finally!

Many thanks to new friend Ana Hoffman, who pointed out in a recent online discussion that some of my photo galleries weren’t working properly– nothing like a direct report to prod my web master husband into action!!
Check out the new galleries on of all my different work here on my blog— they are not fully edited yet, but the slideshows work beautifully and the broken links are fixed.
(no, the shopping cart is not re-established yet, but what we’re working on what will be the best solution yet, so I’m okay with waiting if you are– if not, contact me directly in my studio, I finally have the space to work again!)

peace sign earrings

i almost forgot about making these entirely, since I don’t wear many earrings myself and I hadn’t had an order for them since we switched over the site from the old marketplace one to the new blog set-up, and the old earring listings came down off the net.

anyway, shortly after we got the peace sign jewelry page of the new shoppping cart set up here with WordPress, I was very happy to hear from a repeat client saying how much she wanted another pair of these! (she had been unable to find my old listings on Google this year and had lost email info, but came across the new site- finally. John assures me this will never happen again…)

so now i like these better than i remember liking them before, so up they go.

peace sign earrings
peace sign earrings

my original small peace sign earrings in sterling, with a simple sterling wire, now available exclusively online at!

message from Semira

I received this lovely message about the graduation-gift custom ring I made and wrote about here a few weeks ago. Semira (the lucky graduate!) wrote this on my old blogspot jewelry blog, so I didn’t see it until just this week.

here’s the picture we posted of the ring before:

custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting
custom 18k white gold ring with marquis setting

here’s what Samira had to say:

As I look down at my hand while doing ordinary things we all do every day, I see a piece of joy. This joy is my custom ring. It is flawless, flashy, and unique. The ring I imagined in my head but finer. THANKS HEATHER

thanks, Semira! its my pleasure

the LifeChain handforged jewelry project

Here’s the first of a series of videos we are making in the studio as I develop my LifeChain concept for the “Little and Large” show of jewelry and sculpture opening in July at galleries throughout San Diego. Each link in the LifeChain is a piece ofhandforged jewelry in its own right, with both materials and concept having both a unique individual story and a contribution to make to the LifeChain as a whole.

This countywide show has been organized in honor of the Alexander Calder jewelry retrospective coming to the San Diego Museum of Art this summer.