diamond platinum wedding ring duo

diamond and platinum engagement/wedding ring set

platinum and diamonds at their sensuous best

so loved forging this platinum wedding ring duo… and damn if the finish didn’t reflect that right back at me.

pretty sparkly, conflict free diamonds, set a wee bit off kilter. there have been many variations of this ring forged and all with unique success.

and finally, this ring set has a bit of a dramatic story attached…

alas, discretion, being the better part of valor, i am not permitted to share

man’s platinum ring

here’s another custom platinum ring project completed this week in the big run up to moving– I have so many projects on the bench that I’ve had to start scheduling jobs for September in the new studio in Pittsburgh!

this is a simple platinum wedding band for a man, a handforged flat bar ring finished again with my hammered and burnished finish, going out to the client today!

new handforged man's platinum wedding ring