peace sign earrings

i almost forgot about making these entirely, since I don’t wear many earrings myself and I hadn’t had an order for them since we switched over the site from the old marketplace one to the new blog set-up, and the old earring listings came down off the net.

anyway, shortly after we got the peace sign jewelry page of the new shoppping cart set up here with WordPress, I was very happy to hear from a repeat client saying how much she wanted another pair of these! (she had been unable to find my old listings on Google this year and had lost email info, but came across the new site- finally. John assures me this will never happen again…)

so now i like these better than i remember liking them before, so up they go.

peace sign earrings
peace sign earrings

my original small peace sign earrings in sterling, with a simple sterling wire, now available exclusively online at!

new jewelry photo galleries up!

there’s a lot of uploading left to do, but all of the basic photo galleries of my hand forged custom jewelry are now up and running thanks to John and the guys at Dutch Monkey who developed the DM Albums plug-in for WordPress that we are using now–> great functionality, DM crew– we’re very grateful!

These galleries, divided into the same groups as my static portfolio site, are reachable through the links in the header.

We will be filling them with more pictures and identifying captions over the next few weeks, so really this is a “sneak preview” announcement for anyone paying attention right now– check it out and be sure to comment where you feel like telling me what you think!

WordPress for my online custom jewelry portfolio

custom jewelry portfolioafter a lot of experimentation and research into what works best for publishing pictures and information about my custom jewelry work, and what has worked best for my followers and readers, John and I have decided on WordPress as the best foundation for a complete and easy to use online portfolio of past work, from engagement and wedding ring commissions to my ready to wear peace sign, wishbone, and om pendants, soon to be available online here in clean, easy to use online shopping interface.