diamond platinum wedding ring duo

diamond and platinum engagement/wedding ring set

platinum and diamonds at their sensuous best

so loved forging this platinum wedding ring duo… and damn if the finish didn’t reflect that right back at me.

pretty sparkly, conflict free diamonds, set a wee bit off kilter. there have been many variations of this ring forged and all with unique success.

and finally, this ring set has a bit of a dramatic story attached…

alas, discretion, being the better part of valor, i am not permitted to share

18k yellow gold diamond engagement & wedding ring

a rather unique engagement/wedding ring duo. i selected a beautiful G color, 1.25 carat solitaire diamond and set the diamond in a “horseshoe” shaped prong setting, studded the sides of the setting with diamonds and forged a thick gold band to showcase the sparkle.

18k yellow gold diamond engagement & wedding ring

the wedding band required a curve to be forged in the center, so that the wedding ring would hug the engagement band. with three white diamonds, two flush set and one in a low domed bezel, the wedding band has a life of it’s own.

olympic ring birthstone necklace

3 gold rings pendant

olympic ring birthstone necklace
when he called asking for a gift for his wife who had just given birth to their son, i immediately saw three gold interlocking rings, with topaz for the baby’s november birthday and diamonds to signify his wife and himself.
here is the funny part: he coached a usa olympic sailing team and she accompanied him to china for the olympics.
another pendant that feels good to play with.

platinum diamond wedding rings

another one of my favorite sets.
forged platinum wedding band with flush set smoky blue diamonds alternating with white diamonds. the blue diamonds are so unique, almost grey. she came to me years later to design her anniversary band. at this point she was fully bedecked with my forged bracelets and wanted to continue the theme…so the matching forged platinum anniversary band, studded with flush set diamonds, was a perfect compliment.

platinum wedding rings

platinum wedding bands

platinum wedding rings

her engagement ring is her wedding ring, she was specific, one ring to wed.

the bands, forged to exact proportions, were commissioned by an architect, with an impeccable eye for design.

ring is a lesson to the wise. when your jeweler says, it needs to be a wee bit more snug, do not argue.

this groom flung his ring into the berm aside the cliff overlooking the pacific, on his wedding night, rocking out on the dance floor. he found his platinum wedding ring 4 months later, by thrusting his hand into a snake hole on the cliff’s edge. didn’t even need polishing.