18k gold record spindle charm

Okay, all of you who know what this is…you are dating yourselves :)
My client, bless his heart, didn’t think I knew what he was talking about when he asked me to make him a record spindle…the kind we used to convert a little 45 so that we could play the small vinyl album on our record players. I used to keep my spindles in my jewellery box so as to never lose them. After all, Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” and the b-side “Macarthur Park” by Donna Summer…well suffice it to say, there were times when this music was the only thing to quiet my adolescent soul ;)

I hand forged this to be the size of a quarter…it was a painstaking process and I think I must have scraped it a hundred times over, but finally my hammer skills prevailed and the spindle passed the symmetry test.

Given my mad passion for music (as many of you know, passion is an understatement here), this commission was an honor and one that I hope to someday forge anew.