platinum tourmaline ring

platinum tourmaline ring

this platinum tourmaline ring has always gotten so much attention of all the photos in my portfolio, so here’s the real story of how it came to be.

it is a funny story albeit in the real story, there were a lot of bad words ;)

starting out simply enough, the base is hand forged platinum, approximately 10mm wide. the tourmaline belonged to my client, having just returned from a stone buying spree in India, this was her chosen stone.

the setting was to be a thick 18k yellow bezel, rough texture and “definitely handmade”.
all good until I began to marry the gold and platinum…

platinum has a melting temperature of 3215 fahrenheit, 18ky gold will fuse at 1700. you see my discrepancy?

so what happened is this: I began heating the platinum and got it to where i thought it would be just hot enough to fuse the gold, but alas, the second the gold hit the plat, it melted and came back up onto itself.

hence the hole you see here.

but in our house we have always adhered to the principle, “make a f*** up a feature” in other words, go with it and glorify it. so i melted a few more “light holes” and voila!

it fits perfectly with the design of the ring overall and worked so well I now regularly do this to bring more light to the stones I feature in these heavier rings.