video: Jill’s steals, my new deal for you

if you’re like me in that you don’t watch television or have cable in your house, you probably didn’t see my jewelry featured last Tuesday morning on Jill’s Steals and Deals, a bi-weekly segment on NBC’s Today show.

and if you didn’t see it, you didn’t get a chance to jump on the best deal and biggest discount I’ve ever offered anyone on any jewelry I’ve ever made.

so to make sure all of my longtime fans, friends, clients and email subscribers could get the same deal, i’m opening up the same offer today to everyone who likes my work, whether you’ve been supporting me for years with your good energy and enthusiasm (you know who you are!) or if you just discovered me and didn’t get your order in before Jill’s offer expired.

if you’re already on my list, check your email this evening (April 3) for a new discount code just for friends and fans and the link to use it on.

if you’re not on my list, please watch the video to see the offer and get the URL where you can sign up for this special deal. don’t worry, I *hate* spam and only email my friends and fans a few times a year, and only when I’ve got something good for you like this–


the kids and I went across the way to watch it live last week at our neighbors and record this homemade clip to post here- quite a kick to see your own stuff on national TV! John edited in the closeups of the jewelry from my new gorgeous catalog pictures courtesy of Pittsburgh photographer Ed Rombout.

got questions? click ‘contact’ in the menu above and let me know directly. as always, I’m happy to help you out!

catch my trinkets on the Today Show tomorrow!

well honestly, i never imagined I would be sharing a “press release” with you all, but this is a rather unusual situation. tomorrow morning, tuesday march 27th, my little line of hand hammered sterling silver trinkets are going to be featured on the Today Show on NBC in the “Steals and Deals” segment.

for real…

(so if you know how to forge sterling, get yourself over here, I am gonna need some help!!!)

but seriously, this is an amazing deal (especially with the current price of sterling). these little trinkets (peace signs, om symbols, little wishbones and all 12 zodiac signs) are really dear to my heart. I forge them as a testament to the power that lies within all of us, to share, to rejoice, to quietly roar… so enjoy this deal and take advantage of it while it lasts!

i also had some new photos of the trinkets taken by awesome Pittsburgh photographer Ed Rombout, check out the new peace sign, press release below.

small sterling silver peace sign on tan rawhide


Metalsmith Offers Huge One Time Jewelry Discount on NBC’s Today Show

New York, NY – March 23, 2012 Known to her fans for one of a kind custom and limited release jewelry designs, metalsmith Heather Reilly is doing something different next week, and doing it in a big way.

On Tuesday March 27, Ms. Reilly’s line of hand forged “trinket” pendants will be featured on the weekly “Steals and Deals” segment of the The Today Show on NBC hosted by Jill Martin, where unique products are offered at a 75%-95% discount from retail for 24 hours only.

“I haven’t done any real wholesale jewelry since leaving The Sundance Catalog in 2002, and I only offer small discounts on these pieces to past clients, email subscribers & my Facebook fans,” says Ms. Reilly, “but after hearing about Jill’s enthusiasm for the trinkets, I thought, why not? I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate that kind of deal these days.”

The “trinkets” offered on the segment are all forged in solid sterling silver, which Ms. Reilly points out, “is pricing at an all time high right now, like most other precious metals. So I feel really good about hooking people up.”

Fifteen different designs will be available, including the wishbone, peace sign and ohm pendants that have been best sellers for her for years. The other twelve represent the traditional symbols of the zodiac, a new line Ms. Reilly just introduced at the end of 2011.

“I’ve always been interested in icons, symbols and alchemy, so after a couple of custom requests, it seemed a natural to make a birth sign for everyone. Since only my fans have seen them so far, I look forward to sharing them with so many new people at such a great price.”

Trained as a blacksmith’s apprentice, Heather Reilly is a metalsmith and jewelry designer whose work is available exclusively online at Tune in to NBC’s Today Show Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 9.15 am in your time zone for your chance at this special deal.


For more information, please contact Heather Reilly at 619.232.5999 or visit for her bio, videos, and portfolio of handforged custom jewelry. For more on Jill Martin’s Steals and Deals, please visit

how the universe sent love…

this message awaited me on this cold (49 degrees!), dark, rainy monday morning and it brought such a smile and warmth to my day.

doug placed an order with the special pricing i offered my newsletter subscribers last week and for some technical reason, his order did not reflect the 21% discount. naturally i had sent him an email over the weekend, remedying the situation.

this morning, he wrote back!

“Thank you so much, Heather.

This is more than generous…. It is so refreshing to deal with someone personally… your quick response was gratifying and much appreciated.

The piece was well worth full price and I was certainly not going to cancel the order… your artistry obviously extends beyond design and includes just plain sincere caring for customers (and I would guess, people in general)…

Thanks… I look forward to my next order…”

yes, i am patting myself on the back, but it was an intense weekend and to be honest, i am not quite ready for it to be so cold, so a pat on the back feels pretty cozy right about now.

stay warm (and to all my californians, i don’t wanna hear it)


large sterling silver peace sign

bronze peace sign, eighth wedding anniversary

i seem to be having a renewed love affair with bronze…
well okay, it has been a few weeks, but i am just getting around to writing about it all.
sooo, a few weeks ago i spent the most beautiful afternoon in the studio, forging a large (nickel size) bronze peace sign pendant for a man to give his wife on their eighth wedding anniversary.
bronze is the traditional gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.  how many of you knew that, huh?
so romantic, i love that stuff…
and bronze.  what a fabulous metal to forge.
so ductile (copper is a main component of bronze), it formed beautifully and held the hammer marks so well, imparting such a buttery finish.
14k gold solder seems to be a great match and on black rawhide, dare i say, a fabulous peace!
the first time i learned to work the hydraulic power hammer, i made a ladle out of a hunk of navel bronze.
well i made a few ladles before i actually made a pretty one, but i have one that hangs in my kitchen and the tarnish on it is so rich.  i am really curious to hear how this peace pendant tarnishes.
the price point of bronze makes this a fantastic alternative to gold.
as i said, i don’t know how it will tarnish, but if you are really digging the large gold peace sign, but aren’t digging the price of gold, consider bronze.
i bought a bunch of it (have grand aspirations to make myself some new hairsticks!) and am just aching for another excuse to spend an afternoon forging this fabulous metal!
autumn is well on it’s way here, the air, the light…so insanely inspiring!
be so well and happy,
p.s.  sorry no photo of this bronze peace, it was a rush order and within minutes of being finished, it was in the overnight post!

custom peace sign pendant

i make peace signs every week. next to my custom designed jewelry, peace sign jewelry is my most popular request.

so what makes this particular peace sign so special?
the man who it was made for.
one morning a couple of weeks ago, i received a call from a gentleman looking for peace sign jewelry. he had a 60 s peace sign back in the day, is well versed in the history of peace sign, and has a deep respect for custom made jewelry. what makes him so special to me? the grace and eloquence with which he conversed and the profound message he shared.
nine years ago my new friend went into the hospital for routine surgery. a grave error occurred and he was given a large dose of a medication, not meant for his condition. the medication went to his brain and emergency brain surgery was performed.
his speech is slow and labored, he has difficultly giving simple information such as his address and phone number. and yet, he is so kind and forgiving. his message to me was simple. never, ever, underestimate the power of the brain. in the initial stages of recovery, he could not communicate at all, yet he could understand everything. (bear this in mind if you ever are visiting someone in a coma!).
be so gentle with those who seem less intelligent, for inside there may be someone who understands and feels so much more than they are able to express. the brain is so complicated…
so when i forged my new friend his 60’s peace sign, i wanted to add something special, to let him know that his message touched me in a special way. i am a cancer survivor, as they say, and i am one of the “lucky ones”, so i wanted to thank him for sharing with me.
i forged a handmade “s” clasp and welded it onto the chain. it is a little expression (and we didn’t even photograph it), but he should receive it on monday.
i so hope that his new custom handmade jewelry, forged by fire brings him as much peace as the information he shared with me.
peace, love and compassion to all,