Leo Zodiac Pendants

okay, I have always known that leos are proud, they are the lion right, so of course they are proud. but this I still find this to be so funny…

when I was preparing for the NBC segment of Steals and Deals back in march, I made an equal number of all of the zodiac signs. I have a special affinity for certain signs, simply because some of them are easier to forge than others… some flow better with my style of forging than others.

for instance, my own sign of aquarius is really a challenge to create. something about those zig zag lightening bolts that just don’t want to match up under the hammer. the leo glyph however is an absolute joy to make, it just flows so smoothly and I love making the little knobby bit at the bottom.

so is this why I have all of 7 leo pendants left in inventory and only about 40 left of aquarius? because my joy in forging them signs through? or is it because leos are so proud of their sign that they, unlike us ever so understated…cough, cough… aquarians, just love to show the world that they are born under this fiery sun sign?

either way, here’s another photo of another happy leo, Marisol Benejam Donovan, wearing their sign and their kind words as posted on my Facebook page:

Absolutely LOVE my birthday present from my sister, Isabel!

Marisol's leo pendant

my astrology…

I just did something i haven’t done in a long time. I printed out the entire july astrological forecast for my sun sign, aquarius. I haven’t done that for ages, to be honest, because I haven’t found anyone’s forecast that really resonated with my life, month after month.

In march my dear friend amy sent me this link, out of the blue.

“love, I think you should check this out”, were her words… so I did.

really interesting, but of course i forgot all about it…

my hand hammered sterling silver aquarius zodiac pendanta month or two later, something jarred my memory and I exclaimed to john (also an aquarius), “remember our horoscope the other month, all that about a new home and I remember thinking, yeah right, in september but not now.”—

because we upped and move into this amazingly perfect home. beyond perfect really.

so I started reading her monthly and this month I have actually printed it out. so useful in the way susan miller states,

“That’s why we study astrology, to avert difficulties.”

gotta love that.

so I wanted to share with you in hopes that you will find her forecasts interesting, and useful as I have. here’s the link again.

I’ve hope, too, that you’ve enjoyed read your updated horoscope on the zodiac pendant page of your sign, and now we’ve added links to Susan’s full monthly forecasts on those pages as well.

susan miller has helped me to understand the importance of my rising sign, why I should read (and why I am now going to wear) my rising sign (taurus if you would like to know). this is the face you show to the world.

my hand hammered sterling silver virgo zodiac pendantfor instance, I just discovered that hunter is not just a virgo sun sign, but virgo rising as well. I am finding that if i am able to understand a few of the different influences the planets are having, not just on my own birth chart, but my babies, too, then I am better able to navigate our days together.

some days now I wear a virgo zodiac pendant as well to help me focus on what the kids need that day (logan is a virgo, too.) call me crazy, but I really think it helps!