hurricanes and holidays

there is nothing like 8″ of nor’easter snow to make you think about the holidays, and nothing like a massively destructive hurricane to make you grateful for everything you have in life, especially heat, running water and power!!!

Connecticut nor-easterwhile thousands around us lost absolutely everything, we are extremely grateful to have fared really very well.

we didn’t get any work done for a good two weeks…my jewellery studio was cold, powerless and had a bunch of big huge pine branches blocking it’s entrance. getting back to work was just about the last thing on my mind as I struggled to maintain a sense of calm for the sake of my wee ones who missed an entire week of school… it would seem that to me ‘calm’ means food. so i cooked our way through the storm (thank heavens for gas stoves).

so this year, my holidays are going to be really stream lined. simpler. less stuff! everyone will get a gift of something they need (yes, socks do count!) and a gift that expresses how much they mean to me. something small, something sentimental, something that brings joy and expresses my love.

it is at this time of year that I traditionally offer one really amazing deal to all of my loyal friends and fans.
those of you who have stood by me, championing my work and supporting my latest endeavors deserve to be thanked, properly with an incredible bargain!

I have a great special for you this year, one that so many of you have asked me for, but as you can guess, I need a few more days to get it together…. stay tuned!

holiday gifts and gratitude

my senses have been most festively titillated this season!

first, thank you all for your orders and correspondences, and to all new comers from the howard stern show, welcome to my world of metals. I hoping some of you guys will get into some of the funkier ways i work, in brass, palladium etc…

huge thanks, of course, to my dear friend beth stern and her beautiful husband howard, who gave one of my diamond gold wishbone necklaces to robin quivers for a holiday gift on the air, and from that moment, I have met a number of wonderful new people!

I forged and shipped right up until the 23rd… a crazy elfen metalsmith, or so i fancied myself ;)

then came christmas eve and I just stopped working. just stopped, left my bench a mess, and headed to old lyme to be with family.
all has been glorious. and tomorrow I ship more wishbones!

and my favorite gift this year? cashmere arm warmers. so absolutely decadent, ever so practical, and supremely sexy, charcoal grey cashmere arm warmers. heaven. going to buy a union suit and live in me overalls, long underwear and arm warmers. it is 18 degrees farenheight tonight.

you absolutely must do yourself the favor of visiting minnow and checking out her fabulous handmade cashmere pieces for adults and babies, too.

beth stern wears minnow

the site is beyond sexy. all photos of beth, taken by howard. seriously beautiful!

sterling silver bangles at The Picket Fence Shadyside!

Along with everything else, I am so grateful today for the tremendous response to my custom bangle and bracelets idea for the holidays– so thanks to you, everyone who got in touch and everyone who passed the idea onto their friends and family!!

I’ve been having a fun time making the first bracelets and getting a chance to actually speak with new friends and old friends at the holidays; I really can’t think of a better Christmas bonus than that! John’s been taking some pictures in the studio and we put together this gallery of holiday bangle and cuff bracelet pictures for you to check out:

handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio
handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio

handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio
handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio

handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio
handforged sterling silver bangles in the studio

And to round everything out, I’m doing my first trunk show/live event here in Pittsburgh at The Picket Fence tomorrow from 11am to 4pm. The Picket Fence is a fun, intimate little boutique in Shadyside that specializes in bringing unique designer finds for women and kids from around the country to Walnut Street in Shadyside, and so I’m honored to be featured on a major Pittsburgh shopping day– so if you’re out and about in the ‘burgh tomorrow, come down to The Picket Fence to see these pieces in person and design your own custom bracelets or bangles for the perfect holiday gift.

how the universe sent love…

this message awaited me on this cold (49 degrees!), dark, rainy monday morning and it brought such a smile and warmth to my day.

doug placed an order with the special pricing i offered my newsletter subscribers last week and for some technical reason, his order did not reflect the 21% discount. naturally i had sent him an email over the weekend, remedying the situation.

this morning, he wrote back!

“Thank you so much, Heather.

This is more than generous…. It is so refreshing to deal with someone personally… your quick response was gratifying and much appreciated.

The piece was well worth full price and I was certainly not going to cancel the order… your artistry obviously extends beyond design and includes just plain sincere caring for customers (and I would guess, people in general)…

Thanks… I look forward to my next order…”

yes, i am patting myself on the back, but it was an intense weekend and to be honest, i am not quite ready for it to be so cold, so a pat on the back feels pretty cozy right about now.

stay warm (and to all my californians, i don’t wanna hear it)


large sterling silver peace sign

Great way to start the New Year!

My first glowing jewelry testimonial of 2010–Thanks, Mark, there’s not much that makes me happier than responses like this from clients like you!

Susan opened the box containing the 22 carat om pendant on Christmas afternoon and was completely blown away! She absolutely loves it and has not taken it off since she put it on Friday.
She has excellent taste and gave me (and you) the best complement when she said, “This is so beautiful. It is exactly what I would pick out for myself.”
Your suggestion to go with the rawhide necklace was perfect and it really looks good. I took some pictures and I will try to get one to you this week, but I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to make this Christmas extra special.
Your work is exquisite and we will be back!
Take care,


Christmas present feedback | 22 karat gold om pendant

Yes, I am still finishing the last few jewelry orders for holiday gift giving in the studio and have been pressed for time with holiday preparations for the kids, in-laws visiting, etc– but this email I received today is too good to wait!

I love getting feedback like this on my work (for obvious reasons) and sharing someone else’s words is the best way to share with you why I love my work and why I love working with my clients.

It just arrived and it is beautiful! I can’t wait to give it to her, she will love it.

Thank you for rushing the shipping, I do appreciate it. I also enjoyed talking to you and will definitely keep in touch…
I’m still having trouble seeing snow on the beach (it just seems wrong) and we did get over a foot! The next day the sun was out and it was the coolest sunset with the water and snow all lit up in a golden glow. I hope you, John, and the kids have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Good health!

Thank you Mark and all of my wonderful clients this holiday season- it is truly my pleasure to get to know you and create for you at this special time of year. I wish you all a magical holiday and fabulous 2010!

22k solid gold ohm pendant

top holiday gifts? handmade jewelry, of course.

*scroll to the bottom for this year’s special holiday shopping offer for my subscribers!*

the studio is starting to get busy with orders and questions about holiday gifts and gift ideas, so i thought i’d write quickly my holiday gift ideas for you before getting back to new custom jewelry projects and photos.

my holiday gift guides

we’ve re-established my online shop for my handmade jewelry: each of my handforged peace sign jewelry pieces (including the earrings!), rune symbols and wishbone necklacesthat have been my top holiday gifts in past seasons.

online payments for my shopping cart are securely handled by PayPal, where you can use any major credit or debit card as well as your PayPal account.

this year i’m pleased to add a new series of pendants in time for the holidays: the ohm pendant designed for my fellow yoga fans and practitioners.

like my other handmade jewelry, the om pendants are made one at a time on my studio and are available on different chains and lengths to order. my current favorite combo is the 22 karat gold om pendant on rawhide, a nice juxtaposition of purity, luxury and simplicty.

gold ohm pendant on rawhide

in time for christmas?


one of the reasons i recommend the pendants is that they are simple enough to finish and ship quickly, even at the last minute. I usually ship for the holidays up until December 15 or so by my usual means, USPS priority mail with insurance and tracking.

doing any holiday specials this year?


every year i do a special holiday discount offer for memail subscribers, and this year i’m extending it to my Facebook Fans as well.

this year, its called Gold Friday:  you can save from $60 to $260 on all gold jewelry in my online shop this Thanksgiving weekend only.

so join me on my Facebook page for handforged custom jewelry or sign up for my list below before midnight on Thanksgiving, and I’ll email you the special code along with all of my longtime clients, friends and fans first thing on Gold Friday morning! (screw Black Friday– there, I said it.)