scorpio and the partial solar eclipse

Today I just had to spend some a moment trying to figure out why everything the last few days has just been so….tumultuous… oy, like really. so I did what any modern woman would do and, googled up some astrology. when in doubt, look to the heavens.

you gotta love it when the first thing you read says “Lightweights seek shelter”

seems today, as the sun enters scorpio, so does venus enter scorpio.

and at 5:56 EST, we will have a partial solar eclipse…and from here, I gotta say, just click on the link and read the article. it’s really well written and explains why some powerful stuff may be happening in your world.

and on that note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIOS!

gold vermeil scorpio zodiac pendantI am sure I have some scorpio in my chart somewhere, but it isn’t my sign. still I find myself wearing this pendant from time to time.
I like the shape, maybe it’s the arrow…subtle but so powerful. So on your birthday, scorpios, hope you can help bring some of this energy down just a wee bit, I’d like to chill for a few please.

scorpio zodiac pendantand as always, if you need a little scorpio trinket for you or yours, the sterling silver pendants are available online here and (mostly) ship next day, so they make great gifts.
and I’m getting anew batch of gold plated trinkets in time for the holidays and they too will be (soon) be up in my online store.
“Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal.”
that is from today’s astrology read! gonna take that advice now….

hooray! gold vermeil trinkets are online

well, i’ve been meaning to get this out to everyone sooner, but since the storms and with John gone all day every day in the city, I just wanted to enjoy us all being together NOT huddled down against the weather–

our holiday tableanyway we’ve had a lovely weekend so far, making time for a beautiful holiday dinner- brining the turkey is the way, even a non-turkey lover like me can enjoy.

also some football, pies (pumpkin with my best homemade crust ever), champagne, roaring fires, Santa and the tree-lighting in ‘downtown’ Bethel last night.

might even get a date with John tonight!

so more to the point, the gold vermeil trinkets are now available at a 40% discount only to fans who subscribe to my (infrequent) email updates. here’s the earlier post with more details. if you’re on the list, check your email this morning. if you’re not, you can sign up here.

if you hate email lists, i have something for you to this holiday season, too, because there’s free shipping for everyone in the US until December 15. its been a terrific year, and thanks again to all who’ve supported me and my work on the way along.

here’s some pics of the gold trinkets, I’ll write some more about them later.

gold vermeil virgo zodiac pendant
gold vermeil aries zodiac pendant
gold vermeil ohm pendants
gold vermeil gold wishbone necklaces

my astrology…

I just did something i haven’t done in a long time. I printed out the entire july astrological forecast for my sun sign, aquarius. I haven’t done that for ages, to be honest, because I haven’t found anyone’s forecast that really resonated with my life, month after month.

In march my dear friend amy sent me this link, out of the blue.

“love, I think you should check this out”, were her words… so I did.

really interesting, but of course i forgot all about it…

my hand hammered sterling silver aquarius zodiac pendanta month or two later, something jarred my memory and I exclaimed to john (also an aquarius), “remember our horoscope the other month, all that about a new home and I remember thinking, yeah right, in september but not now.”—

because we upped and move into this amazingly perfect home. beyond perfect really.

so I started reading her monthly and this month I have actually printed it out. so useful in the way susan miller states,

“That’s why we study astrology, to avert difficulties.”

gotta love that.

so I wanted to share with you in hopes that you will find her forecasts interesting, and useful as I have. here’s the link again.

I’ve hope, too, that you’ve enjoyed read your updated horoscope on the zodiac pendant page of your sign, and now we’ve added links to Susan’s full monthly forecasts on those pages as well.

susan miller has helped me to understand the importance of my rising sign, why I should read (and why I am now going to wear) my rising sign (taurus if you would like to know). this is the face you show to the world.

my hand hammered sterling silver virgo zodiac pendantfor instance, I just discovered that hunter is not just a virgo sun sign, but virgo rising as well. I am finding that if i am able to understand a few of the different influences the planets are having, not just on my own birth chart, but my babies, too, then I am better able to navigate our days together.

some days now I wear a virgo zodiac pendant as well to help me focus on what the kids need that day (logan is a virgo, too.) call me crazy, but I really think it helps!

megan’s take on her virgo zodiac pendant

in addition to some lovely comments from fans who purchased trinkets through the Steals and Deals promotion, I also received some great pictures of people wearing their pendants, including this one from my sister-in-law, a talented creative in her own right, who added this beautiful customization to her trinkets.

“I got my pendants today from Heather Reilly Hiemstra! Along with special extras, including Logan’s drawing. Smiling from ear to ear tonight :) :) :)”

Megan's spin on my virgo zodiac pendant

I love this! if you do, too, let me know and I’ll keep bugging Megan to make this collaboration happen on a regular basis for purchase on the site!

shipping your steals and deals

i’ve got three fingertips taped up from final filing & fitting, and a sore wrist from hammering, but its still more fun than i ever imagined filling and shipping dozens of orders everyday.

the Steals and Deals appearance on the TODAY show two weeks ago was, of course, a huge success, not just in sales but also in getting to meet hundreds of great new people interested in jewelry, symbols, blacksmithing and my style through email and on the phone.

Shipping your Steals and Dealsthanks to everyone who’s ordered and if you haven’t gotten your pieces yet, rest assured that they are headed to he post soon in a box like this, hand filled and double checked by me personally.

once again, i couldn’t have gotten this all in order smoothly without john’s help. i guess all those years of him framing pictures are good for something still– he’s helped me make a smooth system of printing labels and packing slips and entering it all into the computer so we know what’s done and what’s not.

i’d rather just be making the jewelry but i have to admit its pretty satisfying seeing the box fill up with packages all labelled with their postage already and delivery confirmation tracking bar codes– we’re burning through printer cartridges, but me and %$#@&^! technology are getting along pretty well right now!

so on that note, if you;re still looking for your order, i should mention that your shipping confirmation emails don’t actually come from me, they come from with some crazy long number in the address, so for some people they are being blocked as spam. we did write you a note mentioning that if you sign up for my mailing list, you will get exclusive access to future special offers direct from me–

Jill’s Steals and Deals was the first time i’ve ever offered a discount to anyone not on my mailing list or a fan on Facebook!

(right now, all mailing list subscribers can still get the Steals and Deals 76% discount through next Friday, April 21 with a special code, (even tho Jill’s deal is over) so if you missed out two weeks ago, you didn’t! check your email for a message from me (if you’re currently a subscriber) or sign up here if you’re not– new orders won’t ship until May, but the trinkets won’t ever be this cheap again!

video: Jill’s steals, my new deal for you

if you’re like me in that you don’t watch television or have cable in your house, you probably didn’t see my jewelry featured last Tuesday morning on Jill’s Steals and Deals, a bi-weekly segment on NBC’s Today show.

and if you didn’t see it, you didn’t get a chance to jump on the best deal and biggest discount I’ve ever offered anyone on any jewelry I’ve ever made.

so to make sure all of my longtime fans, friends, clients and email subscribers could get the same deal, i’m opening up the same offer today to everyone who likes my work, whether you’ve been supporting me for years with your good energy and enthusiasm (you know who you are!) or if you just discovered me and didn’t get your order in before Jill’s offer expired.

if you’re already on my list, check your email this evening (April 3) for a new discount code just for friends and fans and the link to use it on.

if you’re not on my list, please watch the video to see the offer and get the URL where you can sign up for this special deal. don’t worry, I *hate* spam and only email my friends and fans a few times a year, and only when I’ve got something good for you like this–


the kids and I went across the way to watch it live last week at our neighbors and record this homemade clip to post here- quite a kick to see your own stuff on national TV! John edited in the closeups of the jewelry from my new gorgeous catalog pictures courtesy of Pittsburgh photographer Ed Rombout.

got questions? click ‘contact’ in the menu above and let me know directly. as always, I’m happy to help you out!

platinum sagittarius zodiac pendant

platinum sagittarius zodiac pendant

here is a photo of the first platinum zodiac pendant, fresh off the jewellery bench! oh how I love to forge in platinum. those of you who regularly read my blog have often heard me wax poetic about the joys of forging in platinum… and here I go again! so malleable, so durable, doesn’t require any solder (read, no discoloration whatsoever!) platinum welds to itself thus creating a completely pure piece of seriously valuable jewellery. the texture is buttery soft, and the depth of color is not to be rivaled.

the sun has only just entered scorpio, but sagittarius is just around the corner and the holidays are hot on the archer’s heels!

and here in redding, connecticut, we have 17.5 inches of the mushy white stuff. most of the state is still without power, however, we have just been restored to toasty warmth, thank you!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. please, keep your four legged children safe inside!

sexy lil’ zodiac pendants

symbols have always fascinated me. alchemical, scientific, iconic or archtypal, from the simplest to the most complex, glyphs captivate me with their primal expression of a force. metalsmiths are weird, we really do play with fire… and i just love books of alchemical glyphs. for really great dreams, read alchemy before bed…

and with celebration after months of playing with silver shapes and fire, my zodiac pendants have made their debut. i am really proud. they are simple, sexy expressions of self, our sun sign, our moon sign, his sign, her sign…

wearing my kids' zodiac sign, the virgo pendant

in this picture i am wearing my babies sign with my diamond from John. hunter and logan are both virgos. so far, the virgo zodiac (glyph!) has been my favorite to forge, the most complicated and heaviest weight in gold, but really fun to shape with the hammer. my sign, aquarius, has been a bitch to forge. going to give it another go at the end of this week. wish me well.

the zodiac pendants, (charms) are featured in the “trinket” section of my new site, artfully designed by john, alongside the peace signs, ohm pendants and wishbones. trinket is the word that always comes to mind when i think of the spirit in which i forge my zodiacs, peace signs, ohm symbols. simple, elegant expressions of energy.

and i think they are pretty sexy on a piece of rawhide with a tan :)

the newest trinkets have been forged!!!

oh i am thrilled to finally be able to say that i have forged the first seven of my newest trinkets, the zodiac pendants!

in the spirit, size and style of my peace sign jewellery and Ohm charms, the hand forged zodiac signs join my ever growing collection of symbolic

here they are, photographed with my favorite ball peen hammer, the rat tail rasp (round file) that i have become so enamored with while making these zodiac charms, and my anvil (which i am too embarrassed to show to my metalsmith friends… it so needs to be dressed properly!!!)

having always been fascinated with symbols, especially alchemical symbols, the zodiac charms seemed a perfect progression from the peace signs, Ohm pendants and wishbones.

the peace sign originated as the symbol for nuclear disarmament and the Ohm is the symbol of a sacred invocation to be intoned at the beginning and end of any mantra. the wishbone, well we all need to make a wish every once in awhile.

while the origins of the astrological symbols themselves seem to be lost in history, the symbols remain elemental expressions of the sun sign under which we are born. the starting point of each of our unique blueprints.

additionally, for us alchemical freaks, the twelve core alchemical processes are ruled by the twelve signs of the zodiac. (i find all this fascinating and yes, people think i am weird :)

the pendants however, are classic. not corny or literal, the twelve signs of the zodiac are universal and expressive. I am really digging the pendants on a piece of natural rawhide (with solid gold or silver lobster clasp).

on my website, however, the pendants are featured on the traditional rolo chains that so many of you have with your peace signs.

email me if the rawhide chain intrigues, i am always happy to cater to customization!

by the way, the rawhide looks great with a tan :)

starting with leo, the zodiac signs now have their own pages on the website. the remaining five zodiac signs are on my bench awaiting my hammer. so far my sign, aquarius, has been the most challenging to forge (still haven’t perfected the little bugger) and virgo, the sign of both my babies, has been the most fun.

and in closing, may i say a huge happy birthday to my many leonine girlfriends and my mom! leo is the polar opposite sign to aquarius and i do seem to attract the leonine women. the first leo pendant i forged in 18k yellow gold, in honor of all of you gorgeous lions!

be so well and radiant


the first zodiac sign!

its finally time for the zodiac signs!

the pot of gold idea i wrote about last time is a recent idea that will serve for a long time, i think, but i’m probably more excited right now about the zodiac symbols, handforged sterling silver pendants in the style of my peace pendants or ohm pendants.

my zodiac signs are the other way around: an old idea I’ve really wanted to do for a long time, just recently getting an opportunity to come to fruition, starting with this custom leo pendant. this is one of my most successful jobs ever, because i got it just right for a very thoughtful client.

leo zodiac pendant in yellow gold with sapphire

this note form Mark shows exactly why this was such a successful project for me, because my work for him was such a perfect gift for her.

Hi Heather,

I just want to let you know that I received – and love – the Leo pendant…. Thanks, also, for the personal note that you included….

… turning 21 is a big milestone for us. I wanted to mark it with something special and nothing off-the-shelf would’ve adequately expressed the occasion.

Thank you for forging my feelings into something that will mark and enrich us for the years ahead.

Warmest regards and best wishes,
Mark Morgan

i’ve always been moved by this piece and this testimonial, and as a true to form aquarius, have wanted to share it with everyone else.